Keith Bliss was born in Widnes in the north west of England, just a stone’s throw from Liverpool. After a fairly uneventful first five years of life, he emigrated to Australia with his family and attended primary school in Elizabeth, South Australia before returning to England when he was ten.

After attending Wade Deacon Grammar School and Widnes 6th Form College, he went to Leicester University where he majored in German, which came in very handy, with a minor in Philosophy, of which he is not particularly proud. As soon as he was awarded his bachelor’s degree, he left England for Germany, a country with which he had fallen in love during his studies, and settled in the Siegen area in the west. He has lived there ever since.

His past jobs include teaching English to Germans and German to non-Germans at two different language schools, teaching English to bosses of industry, interpreting for companies from all over the world, and translating anything from pop group fan-mail to scientific papers on ecologic-economic jurisprudence.

He’s been teaching English at the University of Siegen, Germany since 2005, and received a master’s degree in Literature, Culture and Media from there in 2010. If you ask him how he likes his job, he will invariably reply, “It’s the best job in the world!”

Keith describes himself as a cat-loving coffee and news junkie who likes mountains, although he neither climbs up them nor skis down them.